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The right model
For you

A consultative approach

Every business is different. That’s why we work with your business leaders and key internal stakeholders to develop a workforce health strategy that will keep your people healthy, safe and fit at work.

Our range of products and services

Manager advice line

Immediate Occupational Health advice from our clinicians on workplace health concerns, difficult Employee Relations issues, or individual cases, both before and after referrals.

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New starter questionnaire

Ensure your new starters are fit, able and appropriately supported to perform their role, and that any adjustments are highlighted from the outset. 

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Management referrals and medical

Attain an independent clinical assessment of the impact of an employee’s health condition on their work and fitness to carry out their role. 

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Health surveillance

Statutory health checks for industries in which employees are exposed to noise or vibration, solvents, fumes, dusts, radiation, biological agents or other hazardous substances. 

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Statutory and fitness medicals

Medicals to ensure that employees in safety critical industries are fit to carry out duties which could put their own or others’ lives at risk - including driving and operating machinery. 

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Ill health retirement and pensions advice

Providing specialist pensions medicine expertise to advise on employees’ applications for ill health retirement under the terms of their pension scheme. 

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Drug and alcohol screening

Random and for-cause testing to ensure your employees are compliant with your alcohol and drug policies.

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Vaccinations and immunisations

Protect employees both at home and abroad from a range of diseases.

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Covid-19 testing

As a Government approved provider of Covid-19 testing, we provide antigen and antibody testing options to protect employees and customers, and maintain business continuity. 

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Occupational health strategy development

Clinical expertise to help design and implement the right controls and services to keep your people safe, fit and healthy

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Lifestyle assessment with First Beat

Map your employees’ stress, recovery and exercise performance – understand workforce wellbeing levels.

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On-site GP services

Primary care services delivered on-site and from our City of London clinic to ensure best-in-class medical care for your employees. 

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Digital GP services

A digital GP service which is still  based around our small primary care team, providing a personalised service with continuity of care for employees and their families. 

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Employee therapy service

Support employees who are facing stress, trauma or other mental health challenges by giving them access to our experienced therapists and clinical psychologists

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Executive medicals

Our GP-led executive medicals help catch potential problems before they escalate, as well as guiding employees on how to live a healthier lifestyle. 

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Physiotherapy services

A full range of physiotherapy solutions, including assessment and treatment pathways to meet all organisational needs.

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Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse

Engage your people, ignite your business. Boost employee health, performance and your organisation’s bottom-line with the ultimate holistic, digital wellbeing platform.

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Absence Management with empower by AdviserPlus

Technology-enabled absence management services, providing guided journeys for line managers to manage sickness absence, early escalation of cases and real-time absence tracking.

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Coached eCBT therapy service

Support employees who are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety-related conditions with our cost effective and confidential Coached eCBT therapy service.

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Long COVID workplace rehabilitation

Support employees experiencing symptoms of long COVID to return to work, with job-focussed case management and workplace rehabilitation.

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MSK Management with Track Active

App-based self-management and referral for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

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Vocational rehabilitation and return-to-work support

Non-clinical case management to support return to work, led by our CDMP-qualified vocational rehabilitation consultants. 

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Employee Assistance Programme

Immediate and confidential emotional and practical support to employees around their wellbeing, personal lives and mental health.

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Workplace adjustments

A full end-to-end service, including both ergonomic assessments and complex adjustments to support inclusion and productivity in the workplace.

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Mental Health First Aid training

Online and face-to-face training programmes to build your own cohort of Mental Health First Aiders and to ensure the approach is embedded in your organisation.

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Mental health training

A range of training programmes for HR professionals, managers and employees to improve awareness and knowledge of mental ill health and support personal and team resilience.

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Manager development programmes

Skilled, knowledgeable and effective managers are critical to reducing the cost of ill health and sickness absence to your organisation.

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Disability Confident accreditation

The Government’s Disability Confident scheme helps employers make the most of employing disabled employees to support inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

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Neurodiversity support, training and adjustments

Organisational development, awareness training and practical employee support programmes to embrace the benefits of neurodiversity in high-performing businesses. 

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Menopause awareness training and support

Organisational support, training, and clinical interventions to help businesses become menopause aware - and support menopausal and perimenopausal women at work.

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Health Coaching

Health Coaching uses behavioural change methodologies to address unhealthy behaviours and lifestyle choices, helping employees become healthier. 

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Unique to your business

With our whole-organisation solutions, you’ll benefit from having a dedicated team, to provide holistic support for total workforce health, all year round.

Our typical model puts you and your business at the heart of all our activity. This includes designing and embedding core processes and services to keep your people healthy, fit and safe at work.

Once a service is embedded, our Account Directors work closely with you to review and continually improve provision, so it delivers in line with your business objectives and budget.


Insight-led delivery

We use all available data to give you a joined-up and rich view of your workforce health, using interactive dashboards and reports. This enables you to understand the relationship between work and health in granular detail - across each department, division and location.

It also helps us to identify trends or possible enhancements to the services we support you with. This is most powerful when we can integrate data sets from your HR systems, our OH services and other key sources to build a true picture of your workforce health.

It enables us to measure the costs to your business of ill health, along with the likely return on investment if action is taken.


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