Coached eCBT therapy service

Support employees who are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety-related conditions with our cost effective and confidential Coached eCBT therapy service.

Help your workforce get better and stay better while you benefit from reduced sickness absences and improved performance.

Winner of the Best Mental Health Initiative at the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards 2021.

Proven effective therapy service:

  • 7/10 people have been able to overcome their depression and/or anxiety
  • 9/10 people would recommend the programme to friends and family

What is Coached eCBT therapy service?

Electronic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (eCBT) is a clinically proven psychological treatment for stress, and for mild, moderate and severe depression or anxiety conditions. It helps participants manage their feelings by investigating the link between them and their actions.

The addition of mental health coaching facilitates behaviour change toward lifestyle-related health goals, leading to better treatment outcomes than eCBT alone. Our Coached eCBT therapy service combines online CBT treatment with support from our trained mental health coaches to strengthen behaviour change.

This combination of self-guided digital therapeutic treatment with motivational support from a mental health coach brings a unique approach to behaviour change for employees.

What are the business benefits of this service?

>> Reduce staff turnover, time off sick and improve performance:

An estimated 17.9 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/20, with unwell employees taking an average 21.6 days off work. (Labour Force Survey, HSE, 2020). This easy-to-access, confidential and cost-effective service is a simple intervention that any organisation can access, either with an ad-hoc referral or with a workplace contract.

>> Be an employer of choice and improve employee engagement:

Attracting and retaining top talent is vital for success. Set yourself apart from competitors and demonstrate how you value your employees.
A healthier workplace increases employee morale and keeps staff more engaged, loyal and committed to contributing meaningful work.

>> Proven cost-effective therapy service:

  • A cost-effective way to increase the capacity of other mental health therapy and counselling provisions
  • A flexible solution to meet the mental health needs of staff who may be travelling or have flexible working schedules, as the eCBT component can be completed at the employee’s convenience over the phone
  • A reasonably priced, evidence-based alternative to staff being on a waiting list for statutory mental health services
  • An additional specialist service, over and above what an EAP would provide

What are the employee benefits of this service?

>> Person-centred and builds confidence:

We provide guidance, support and motivation to help participants overcome the barriers faced when changing behaviours. We build on their strengths and inner resources, using what the participants already know. Our coaches also generate a personalised workplace relapse prevention action plan, which the employee could share with their line manager at the employee’s discretion, to facilitate long-term mental health outcomes.

>> Solution-focussed and personalised:

Employees achieve their health and wellbeing aims by breaking them down into small, achievable mini-goals. Their experience is centred around what matters to them, placing them in control of their own health and wellbeing.

>> Collaborative and motivational:

We encourage engaging conversations which guide and support participants, rather than telling them what to do. We monitor their progress and provide gentle reminders and nudges, encouraging participants to stay on track and, if needed, bounce back quickly

>> High rate of engagement and intervention:

Coached eCBT increases engagement with intervention, leading to a significantly greater number of people completing and achieving the full benefit. Evidence suggests that -overall - participants also achieve improvements in their mental health faster than they would have done if self-directed alone.

>> Easy-to-access digital platform:

Our eCBT therapy platform is available online 24/7, is accessible by any smart device with internet access, and is simple to register and use.

>> Confidential service:

The Coached eCBT therapy service is completely confidential. Participants can choose to share their final summary with their employers or GP

What do our participants have to say?

  • "My personal targets became clear after the first two sessions and by the end of session three, I felt much more in control of my feelings" - Participant 1
  • "Reflecting on my own beliefs in session five helped me put my thoughts into perspective. I still use the techniques regularly to overcome my anxiety and manage my mood" - Participant 2

What is a typical customer journey?

Employees will be led through eight online CBT therapy sessions, which are divided into 3-5 modules. Each module takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Your employee will complete a module every other day.

The interactive eCBT sessions are delivered by the NICE approved beating the blues. The platform responds to your employee’s particular circumstances - and our mental health coaches guide each participant on their own journey.