Absence Management with empower by AdviserPlus

Delivering a sustainable reduction in the cost of sickness absence and improving employee wellbeing

  • Reduced cost of sickness absence through early intervention and process compliance
  • Consistency and fairness in the management of sickness absence
  • Manager ownership of people matters, whilst managing risk through HR intervention
  • Reduced Tribunal exposure through consistent policy application
  • Visibility and insight, through analytics, dashboard and benchmarking

Technology-enabled absence management services, providing guided journeys for line managers to manage sickness absence, early escalation of cases and real-time absence tracking.

Why is effective sickness absence management important?

Early clinical assessment for sickness absence is essential to driving down absenteeism and reducing cost to your business. An unhealthy workforce results in an unhealthy business. Effective sickness absence management and employee wellbeing is high on the agenda for HR leaders.

CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing Report, 2020, signposts three key objectives on which HR needs to focus:

  • Intervene early and build a healthy workplace through prevention
  • Invest in managers to boost employee wellbeing
  • Make more of occupational health

"…a stubborn gap between the expectation that’s placed on managers to manage attendance on a day-to-day basis and the investment employers make in ensuring they’re trained and supported in their role." CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing Report, 2020.

>> Our absence management system addresses these objectives and bridges this gap effectively.                 

How do you tackle sickness absence?

While there is no single intervention which will resolve sickness absence in your organisation, you can significantly mitigate its impact on your business if:

  • Your organisation adopts and adheres to robust processes
  • You encourage early manager intervention and on-going engagement with the employee
  • Your applied attendance triggers and consequences are managed effectively
  • You involve occupational health at appropriate times

>> Our absence management system enables managers to take the right action at the right times.

How does Absence Management with empower by AdviserPlus work?

Our absence management solution has three integrated components:

TECHNOLOGY: Using your existing HR systems, we enable managers and the HR team to manage sickness absence effectively, in line with your corporate policies and procedures.

PEOPLE: Line managers are supported with informed people management processes, which you can implement with your own HR team, or we can provide support.

ANALYTICS: Our data provides powerful insights on your employees, which you can use for strategic and tactical decisions.

Why choose our absence management solution?

Why choose our Absence Management system? Cost effective, Easy implementation, manager ownership, unique perspective, platform for expansion



  • Configured in line with your policies, processes, procedures, culture, commerciality and brand.
  • Easy to access and simple to navigate.
  • Takes the manager on a guided journey, building capability and confidence.
  • Supports the generation of letter correspondence.
  • Integrates seamlessly with HR case management.
  • Supported by prompts and escalations to drive action and intervention at the right time.


  • Monitor the effectiveness of your sickness absence management.
  • Profile sickness absence across different dimensions and demographics.
  • Monetise the cost of sickness absence.
  • Benchmark within your organisation to compare the performance of different business areas.
  • Model the impact of making change

The simple system solution:

  • Provides HR case advisors with all relevant information
  • Tracks and creates an audit trail of actions, decisions and supporting documents
  • Provides a dashboard of absence management

What does our service cover?

  • Occurrences of short and long-term sickness absence
  • Stage and sickness absence trigger management
  • Occupational health referrals
  • Implementation and monitoring of reasonable adjustments

When do we get involved?

  • At every absence
  • Specific points during an absence
  • At fulfilment of an occurrence of sickness absence fulfilling a certain condition
  • When a sickness absence is triggered