MSK Management with Track Active

App-based self-management and referral for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

  • Cost-effective remote assessment and screening of employees
  • Instant access to evidence-based support, advice and exercise resources
  • Early intervention via employee self-referral for prescribed exercise or self-management
  • Targeted rehabilitation for existing injuries
  • Self-managing users saw 37% improvement in pain or symptoms*

Linked to Health Management’s occupational health services, it provides a complete solution for employee MSK health.

  • Reduced cost of sickness absence through early intervention and process compliance (MSK) disorder in the UK in the year 2020/21 – HSE
  • This equates to 1,420 per 100,000 workers – and 28% of all work-related ill health – HSE
  • An average of 18.4 days of work are lost per employee with an MSK disorder – HSE
  • The number of people working from home more than doubled during the pandemic – ONS
  • Around 131m working days are lost to sickness in the UK each year - ONS

Why MSK management with TrackActive?

Musculoskeletal issues cover more than 150 conditions – which affect the bones, joints, spine and soft tissue. Common examples include tendonitis and lower back pain.

As the statistics above demonstrate, MSK conditions have a huge impact on employee wellbeing and business productivity – yet can also be one of the most-preventable issues.

This flexible, easy-to-use mobile health application is built by clinical experts to meet the needs of employees and employers.

It provides immediate assessment via a clinical algorithm. 67%* of individuals are triaged to self-manage their MSK issues using the TrackActive app, where they have access to education and exercise programmes.

There are also personalised video playlists programmes feature stretching, Pilates and yoga exercise programmes, to help remedy and prevent issues.

Linked to Health Management’s occupational health services, it provides a complete solution for employee MSK health.

For iOS and Android, available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play

The MSK App provides quicker access to treatment, interactive chats, self-managed treatment

Benefits to your business

  • Improved employee health and wellbeing
  • Reduction in staff absence
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Cost-effective blended solution
  • Triages care efficiently to those who need it
  • Anonymised corporate reporting on employee wellbeing

Benefits to employees

  • Quick, easy access to provisional diagnosis and recovery programmes
  • Personalised health journey built around individual challenges
  • Adaptable exercise programmes and tailored video playlists
  • Activity logging, goal setting and ability to monitor progress
  • Ability to book video or face-to-face consultations with physiotherapists
  • Option to refer onward for medical attention, if required

*A pilot study conducted on more than 60 general practice patients with MSK conditions found that 67% of users were suitable for self-managing their condition or injury in TrackActive Me.

These users reported an average 37% improvement in pain or symptoms following TrackActive Me intervention. This pilot also projected an estimated 51% reduction in GP attendance where digital intervention is provided and accepted by the patient.