Long COVID workplace rehabilitation

Support employees experiencing symptoms of long COVID to return to work, with job-focussed case management and workplace rehabilitation.

What is long COVID?

“Signs and symptoms that develop during or following an infection consistent with COVID-19 which continue for more than 12 weeks and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis” The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network, and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

While we still don’t understand the full impact COVID-19 has on a person’s health, we have observed certain common symptoms which are preventing people returning to the workplace, such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cognitive issues or problems with memory
  • Stress, anxiety, depression or low mood
  • Brain fog or lack of focus
  • PTSD or other trauma-related challenges
  • Loss of smell, taste or appetite

The Office of National Statistics suggests that around one-in-five people experience continued symptoms five weeks after being infected with COVID-19 - and as of May 2021, almost 4.5m people had tested positive for the virus in the UK.

How we can help

If you have employees suffering persistent non-clinical long COVID symptoms, who are either taking sick leave or struggling to continue with their normal work demands, we can help.

Our approach is work-focussed and de-medicalises the symptoms experienced by the employee - agreeing focussed, practical steps to return to and actively participate in work as a key part of their rehabilitation.

How does the long COVID workplace rehabilitation programme work?

Managers can refer employees presenting long COVID symptoms which are causing long term or repeat absence, or which are impacting their performance at work.

Step 1: Occupational health assessment

An Occupational Health Advisor will review whether our vocational rehabilitation service is the right option for the referred employee.

Step 2: Bespoke eight-week rehabilitation programme

Suitable candidates will be supported by a CDMP-qualified vocational rehabilitation consultant over eight weeks, providing one-to-one coaching support, workplace adjustment advice and working with the individual and their manager to help them return to work. The service will be delivered remotely and will take place over five sessions.

Step 3: Case report

At completion we’ll generate a case report for the referring manager, confirming appropriate advice and any further actions required.

If our rehabilitation service isn’t applicable to the referred employee, we’ll still provide appropriate advice.


COVID rehabilitation customer journey diagram