Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse

Engage your people, ignite your business. Boost employee health, performance and your organisation’s bottom-line with the ultimate holistic, digital wellbeing platform.

Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse allows you to brand and promote your culture and values, your way, through activities that reflect your company’s history, special causes or initiatives, locations or accomplishments.

  • Transform your workforce
  • Drive change with industry-leading platform
  • Wellbeing delivered digitally 

Transform your workforce

Strong workforce cultures drive more energy, creativity, and productivity across organisations.

Research shows that companies with healthy and engaged employees experience lower workplace stress, higher productivity and profitability, fewer accidents, and higher employee engagement and retention. When you invest in the wellbeing of your employees, you are building the long-term culture of your organisation, a place where your employees and business thrive, together.

Drive change with industry-leading digital wellbeing platform

We help clients build healthy workplace cultures that encourage all employees to be their best and most productive selves, at work and beyond. By engaging users every day, we encourage them to build and sustain healthy lifestyles that drive measurable outcomes and deliver significant value on investment.

Wellbeing delivered digitally

The digital age calls for a digital solution. One that reaches and connects your employees wherever they are. One that leverages AI technology to address personal employee health and wellbeing needs. And one that drives the measurable business outcomes for your organisation.

Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse is one simple, secure and engaging platform that promotes health and wellbeing, strengthens connections across your organisation and lets employees thrive.

Business benefits

>> Improve business performance

Looking to increase productivity, decrease costs and drive outcomes that matter for your employees and your business? Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse helps you focus on making your organisation’s most mission critical system – your people – successful. Businesses succeed where employees thrive.

Healthy employees drive high-performing companies. By engaging employees in activities that promote health and wellbeing, you can increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, reduce safety incidents and attract and retain top talent.

Stats for wellbeing powered by virgin pulse


>> Proven return on investment

Invest in employee health and you’ll see a workforce that is more focused at work, recovers from sickness faster, and is at lower-risk for long term illness.

>> A culture of health

A healthy, high performing workplace culture drives productivity. Make wellbeing critical to your values and investments, and watch your employees’ engagement, loyalty, and overall success soar.

>> Reduce costs

Jump-start employee wellbeing to improve health outcomes and reduce costs associated with presenteeism, absence and staff turnover. Your employees will be healthier and happier, and your bottom line benefits. It’s a win-win.

Keep both your employees and your bottom line healthy. Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse can support your employees to manage their health issues and find relevant information, support and resources, anytime, anywhere.

  • 92% of executives say reducing healthcare costs is a top motivator when designing wellbeing programmes

>> Healthier employees

Help your employees manage their health so you can manage your costs. Identify employees with costly health risks and conditions – and give them a course of action to help reverse and prevent those risks. Deliver better health outcomes that keep both your employees and your bottom line healthy.

  • 47% of platform users lower their blood pressure
  • 60% of platform users who were previously sedentary are now active
  • 70% of platform users reported a decrease in their stress levels

>> A great experience

Empower your people to easily access personalised information and recommendations wherever they are, on the device that works best for them.

>> Flexibility and insight

Gain more visibility into your workforce’s health and greater control over your healthcare costs with actionable insights and a single view into participation. Boost participation with personalised promotion and streamlined rewards and incentives.

>> Build a great company culture

Employee wellbeing is at the heart of every great company culture. Research shows that positive organisational culture drives more vitality across organisations. Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse helps companies build great places to work with customisable, flexible solutions that support your culture, values and business goals.

Your culture is your currency for attracting, retaining and improving top talent. Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse is the gateway to building a great place to work, promoting your company values, and strengthening connections across your organisation.

  • 67% of platform users say their company is a better place to work
  • 87% of employees say wellbeing programmes positively impact company culture

>> Engaged employees

Create an environment where every employee is engaged in wellbeing and encouraged to succeed, regardless of their preferred activity, location, or level of fitness. Reap the rewards of increased participation, stronger engagement, higher productivity and happier employees.

  • 80% of employees who are inspired by their company culture are engaged in their jobs - citing satisfaction with their work, team members, and benefits
  • 66% of employees say their team members positively impact their focus and productivity

>> Unify your workforce with social and mobile

Make teamwork easy and contagious and build a workplace that is the envy of your competitors and a source of pride for your employees. Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse’s mobile solutions support employees 24/7 on any device. Harness the power of social networks and team-based contests to drive friendly competition, promote wellbeing tips and healthy habits, and increase collaboration.

4 x more likely to experience a loss in talented workers in the next year if employees are not satisfied with wellbeing promotion.