Disability and health awareness for employment services

Develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to help people with disabilities find sustainable employment.

We’ll help your advisors to understand the participants’ disabilities and potential employment needs, helping them become more effective in delivery of your services. Your advisors will be better able to find suitable employment opportunities for participants with disabilities, and know what support and adjustments they could need in order to sustain employment

  • Gain the skills and confidence to help people with disabilities find sustainable employment
  • Equip your staff with a broad understanding of disability and work issues, including the needs of disabled jobseekers with disabilities
  • Enable advisors to respond appropriately to the needs of participants with disabilities

Why train your workforce?

There are more than 11 million people with disabilities in the UK, of which seven million are of working age. However, people with disabilities are far less likely than the nondisabled to be in employment*.

*52.7% compared to 81.0% for non-disabled people. ONS Feb 2022) 

"The training taught many different ways of supporting my students, including strategies to take back to my workplace. I was inspired by the trainers who encouraged us to participate throughout." Delegate from Caerphilly Council

What will your workforce learn?

  • A broad understanding of disability, its legal definition and social context
  • An overview of 12 different conditions
  • Practical solutions and adjustments which can be implemented in the workplace
  • Assistive technology and Access to Work

Who is this course for

Advisors supporting people with disabilities into sustainable employment, or advisors in general employment services.

Duration and delivery

We can deliver these group courses face-to-face or online, to suit your needs.

Group bookings:

Online delivery:

  • Group size: 6 to 12 participants
  • Duration: Four hours (over two sessions)

Face-to-face delivery:

  • Group size: 6 to 12 participants
  • Duration: Half a day


  • Group size: 6 to 12 participants
  • Duration: Full day

Full day vs. half day course

The full day course sees topics covered in greater depth, with more time for group discussions, sharing of experiences and guidance from the trainer. Additional activities include experiential learning about sensory impairments, condition research and a case study exercise.

Our expert team have been delivering workplace training and consultancy to organisations from all sectors for over 75 years, helping to shape culture and inclusivity of workplaces across the UK. We specialise in helping both employers and employees to develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to effectively support colleagues and individuals with a disability or health condition.

All our training is delivered by a team of experienced consultants, who have extensive knowledge and a practical understanding of workplace issues.