Neurodiversity awareness

Develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to support neurodiverse employees to flourish in your organisation

This course is designed to develop knowledge, skills and confidence around neurodiversity.

  • Support a significant proportion of your workforce who are neurodivergent, whether diagnosed or not
  • Help neurodivergent employees to flourish, work to their full potential and add value to your business
  • Become known as a supportive and inclusive employer, attracting and retaining talented employees


Why train your managers?

It is estimated that at least 10% of the UK population is neurodivergent. However, most UK organisations are physically and structurally set up for ‘neurotypicals.'

This course can develop your managers’ understanding of neurodiversity, giving them the tools and confidence to implement communication strategies and adjustments beneficial for neurodiverse employees.

What will your managers learn?

  • About neurodiversity and why it is a preferred term
  • How different ways of thinking can produce strengths and bring benefits to a business
  • About potential challenges being neurodivergent may bring, and how to resolve them
  • Adjustments beneficial for neurodivergent employees

Who this course is for

Line managers, team leaders, supervisors and those in HR roles. The course is also relevant for those responsible for health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Duration and delivery

We can deliver these group courses face-to-face or online, to suit your needs.

Group bookings:

Online delivery:

  • Group size: Up to 12 participants
  • Duration: 4 hours (over two sessions)

Face-to-face delivery:

  • Group size: Up to 12 participants
  • Duration: Half a day

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