Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion

Harness your colleagues’ passion for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Equip employees with the knowledge and confidence to promote mental wellbeing services, initiatives, and activities.

We will help to develop the skills and confidence needed to become a Mental Health and Wellbeing champion in the workplace.

  • Create a network of colleagues to develop a meaningful impact on mental health in your organisation
  • Provide a point of contact for mental wellbeing issues outside line management structures
  • Increase staff engagement and productivity, reducing absence levels and staff turnover


Why train your team?

Mental health challenges directly affect employee productivity — and can be costly for all employers.

To see real change, organisations need employees to engage with the topic of mental wellbeing. Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions can support colleagues while taking pressure off managers and show a real commitment to employee mental wellbeing.

What will your team learn?

  • The mental health continuum and the symptoms people experience as their mental wellbeing changes
  • Symptoms of various conditions and risk factors in personal and work life
  • Defining the role of a Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion within your company (can be guided by the company or created by the delegates as part of the session)
  • Signs someone may be struggling with mental health, how to approach a conversation and act on concerns

Who this course is for

Colleagues who are passionate about health and wellbeing, and willing to volunteer to the role in addition to their regular duties. You may already have mental health and wellbeing champions, ambassadors or advocates in your business – this course will provide practical skills to support them in their role.

Duration and delivery

We can deliver these group courses face-to-face or online, to suit your needs.

Group bookings:

Online delivery:

  • Group size: Up to 12 participants
  • Duration: 6 hours (over 3 sessions)

Face-to-face delivery:

  • Group size: Up to 12 participants
  • Duration: Full day

Our expert team have been delivering workplace training and consultancy to organisations from all sectors for over 75 years, helping to shape culture and inclusivity of workplaces across the UK. We specialise in helping both employers and employees to develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to effectively support colleagues and individuals with a disability or health condition.

All our training is delivered by a team of experienced consultants, who have extensive knowledge and a practical understanding of workplace issues.