Mental wellbeing in the workplace

Develop the confidence, strategies and tools to approach, support and manage mental wellbeing at work.

This course combines an overview of mental health conditions and their effects with a range of practical measures which can be put into place.

  • Give your managers, team leaders and supervisors a broad understanding of mental health and its impact in the workplace
  • Facilitate conversations about mental health
  • Gain a range of tools and strategies to provide appropriate support to individuals


Why train your managers? 

One-in-six of us will be affected by mental health at any one time, which could be up to 17 per cent of your workforce.*
Developing mental health awareness can significantly reduce the cost to your business, reducing absence and increasing productivity.


"The group activities and tasks were great, very interactive and required me to participate, which enhanced my learning. There were clear objectives and useful tools. It was well delivered, easy to follow and understand." - Kerry, Corps Security 

What will your managers learn? 

  • Understand the four stages of the mental health continuum and the main signs and symptoms of stress
  • Learn about the effects of some common mental health conditions and risk factors for poor mental wellbeing
  • How to have effective and helpful conversations about mental wellbeing
  • Understand suitable workplace adjustments and support services

Who this course is for

Colleagues who are responsible for the wellbeing of others, such as managers, supervisors, team leaders or those working in human resources.

Duration and delivery

We can deliver these group courses face-to-face or online, to suit your needs. 

Group bookings:

Online delivery: 

  • Group size: 8 to 12 participants 
  • Duration: 5 hours (over 2 sessions)

Face-to-face delivery: 

  • Group size: 8 to 12 participants 
  • Duration: Full day  


  • Group size: 8 to 12 participants 
  • Duration: Half day  

Full day vs. half day course

The full day course covers topics in more depth. There will be additional time for group discussions and for delegates to share experience and real-life examples. Additional activities include condition research, non-judgemental listening, and a case study exercise to encourage further learning.

The trainer can provide more guidance and information by being able to interact with each group during activities.

Our expert team have been delivering workplace training and consultancy to organisations from all sectors for over 75 years, helping to shape culture and inclusivity of workplaces across the UK. We specialise in helping both employers and employees to develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to effectively support colleagues and individuals with a disability or health condition.

All our training is delivered by a team of experienced consultants, who have extensive knowledge and a practical understanding of workplace issues.