Top-tips to prevent hearing loss

Hearing loss sometimes happens naturally as we get older, but it can be made worse by excessive noise – including in the workplace.

Noise could be loud enough to damage your hearing if:

  • You have to raise your voice to talk, or struggle to hear what others are saying
  • Your ears are hurting
  • It leaves you with ringing ears or muffled hearing

If you work in a noisy environment, be sure to wear appropriate ear defenders.

  • Don’t have your TV or music too loud
  • Don’t insert objects in your ears

If you are concerned about your hearing, see your GP or occupational health team to arrange a hearing test as soon as possible.

Audiometry tests are available as part of our health surveillance services, to ensure that employers comply with Health and Safety Executive regulations on noise.

And hearing tests are also offered to individuals as part of a face-to-face health screening, which are available from our Primary Care Team on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The NHS website offers further information on hearing loss, including details of symptoms and possible treatments.