What is occupational health

Occupational health exists to keep people well, productive and ‘in work’, by providing independent specialist medical advice to employers and employees. This advice includes:

  • Promotion of health and wellbeing 
  • Advice and strategies for managing risks to health from work
  • The effects of work on health and health on work
  • Interventions, adjustments and support to enable a return to work
  • Medical advice to manage health issues

Occupational Health Clinicians are regulated by the General Medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council and Faculty of Occupational Medicine – all in-line with industry quality standards.

At Health Management our occupational health service is independent, confidential and carried out by a team of health professionals who have training in occupational medicine – the branch of medicine that deals with the relationship between work and health. 

We work in partnership with you and your employees to resolve issues in the workplace that might have an adverse effect on their health. We also provide advice to managers that enable them to manage issues such as sickness absence and presenteeism. 

An occupational health service is not responsible for an individual’s medical care. That continues to be the responsibility of their GP or Specialist. With consent, we may co-ordinate with a GP or other specialist to ensure continuity of care but we do not replace his/her care. Occupational health should not be used for ‘emergencies’ or to deal with non-medical issues.

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