Autism awareness

Develop knowledge on autism and the skills to support autistic individuals to succeed at work

This course will help your business to tap into the pool of talented autistic people who are in work or who want to work.

  • Gain a broad understanding of autism, the impact it can have on individuals and their communication, interaction, thinking and ability to learn
  • Develop practical communication strategies to ensure that autistic employees are able to fully participate in work activities
  • Identify, manage and change key barriers in the workplace and working methods to help autistic people thrive


Why train your managers? 

There are an estimated 700,000 autistic people in the UK - approximately 1% of the population. But, just 21.7% of autistic people are in employment.*

*Labour Force Survey, ONS

What will your managers learn?

  • Potential strengths and challenges of autism in the workplace
  • Sensory issues people with autism may experience and how this can affect their work
  • Communication strategies for people with autism
  • Workplace adjustments which could be helpful for someone with autism
  • Emotional, wellbeing and self-esteem issues.

“Just the right level of detail, information was clear and concise, and it was great to have open discussions with different people working in the same area, sharing ideas and techniques.” - Sheikh, ETE Advisor, North West

Who this course is for

Line managers, team leaders, supervisors and those in HR roles. The course is useful for those wanting to understand how to support those with autism in their teams.

The course is also relevant for training and development teams.

Duration and delivery

We can deliver these group courses face-to-face or online, to suit your needs. 

Group bookings:

Online delivery: 

  • Group size: Up to 12 participants 
  • Duration: Five hours 

Face-to-face delivery: 

  • Group size: Up to 12 participants 
  • Duration: Full day 

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