Dyslexia awareness

Develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to support dyslexic employees to flourish in your organisation

 This course will give you the tools to effectively support employees with dyslexia.

  • Understand the impact dyslexia may have on individuals at work
  • Develop practical communication strategies to ensure that dyslexic employees are able to fully participate in work activities
  • Enable individuals with dyslexia to work to their full potential


Why train your managers?

It is estimated that up to 10 per cent of the population is affected by dyslexia to some degree, and around four per cent are significantly affected.

Very interactive with a range of activities, lots of discussions and sharing of experiences. It was useful to learn about different teaching strategies and the available resources for learners with dyslexia.” - Thomas, ETF 

What will your managers learn?

  • Potential strengths and challenges of dyslexia and how that may present in the workplace
  • Reading writing and communication strategies to make things easier for those with dyslexia
  • Useful, relevant workplace adjustments

Who this course is for

Line managers, team leaders, supervisors and those in HR roles. The course is useful for those wanting to understand how to support those
with dyslexia in their teams. The course is also relevant for training and development teams.

Duration and delivery

We can deliver these group courses face-to-face or online, to suit your needs.

Online delivery: 

  • Group size: 8 to 12 participants 
  • Duration: Five hours

Face-to-face delivery:

  • Group size: 8 to 12 participants 
  • Duration: Full day 

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