Covid: The Misinformation Pandemic

Since the start of the Covid crisis, there has been a deluge of misinformation and conspiracy theories about the outbreak, shared online and through social media, undermining trust in public health messages. Liam Sloan and Dr Mark Simpson are joined by Dr Stephan Lewandowsky to explore how misinformation can affect businesses – and how to guide employees towards reliable content, in an episode discussing:

  • Why the problem of misinformation has been more acute during the Covid crisis
  • The dangers of misinformation, and groups that may be vulnerable
  • The history of health misinformation in previous outbreaks and crises
  • The role of social media companies in tackling misinformation
  • How business and HR leaders can tackle misinformation in the workplace

Hosted by Liam Sloan and Dr Mark Simpson. With Dr Stephan Lewandowsky.