The Gig Economy

The growth of the gig economy in both the UK and world economy has been rapid. The controversy around gig working has grown too – with some praising its flexibility while others voice concerns over low wages and the lack of basic employment benefits. Liam Sloan and Dr Mark Simpson are joined by IPSE’s Andy Chamberlain, to discuss how flexible working is changing the world of work, and how the wellbeing of contractors and freelancers can be supported, including:

  • The origins and composition of the gig economy
  • Defining terms around flexible working
  • Positives and negatives of ‘gig’ working models
  • How the recent Uber case verdict could affect the rights of gig workers
  • Existing employment legislation around flexible working
  • The future of the gig economy

Hosted by Liam Sloan and Dr Mark Simpson. With Andy Chamberlain.