What to expect during your telephone assessment

If you have been referred to the occupational health service for a telephone assessment, your HR/Manager will make you aware of the referral and the reason for your referral. Your HR/Manager will share information about the confidentiality of your information and your rights.

Consultations usually take around 30 minutes; sometimes a little longer if the issues are complex. Your appointment details will be communicated to you via email and text message. This will include the date, time and name of the Occupational Health Professional. Your referring HR/Manager will also be informed.

Please ensure you are in a room where you can talk privately and confidentially at the time of your consultation. The Occupational Health Professional will contact you on the telephone number provided on the referral form.

Once your identity has been confirmed you will be asked for your verbal consent to carry out the telephone consultation and to release an Occupational Health report to your organisation following the consultation.

Without your consent, the consultation cannot proceed. If you are not happy to continue then you should advise your HR/Manager immediately. We may record and/or monitor the consultation to:

  • improve the quality of the services we provide
  • train and provide our employees with feedback
  • resolve any complaints or concerns that may arise

Please tell us as soon as possible or at the start of the consultation if you have any concerns with your call being recorded.

What information should you have available?

In order for the telephone consultation to be as effective as possible we would recommend you have the following information available if relevant:

  • Details of any current prescription medication from your doctor or specialist.
  • Any relevant health information, such as diabetic glucose monitoring diaries, peak flow diaries for asthmatics or mood diaries for psychological disorders.
  • Names of any specialists whose care you are under and details of any forthcoming outpatient appointments or operation dates awaited.
  • If you have had any recent reports or investigations such as blood tests, X rays or scans, it would be very helpful to know if these highlighted any abnormalities. (You may wish to ask your GP about this).
  • Details of how long your current Fit certificate runs if relevant.

What happens next?

Following the consultation, an Occupational Health report will normally be sent within one working day. The report will be made available to your HR/Manager or named referrer and should answer the questions raised in their referral. It will usually include a brief description of any health matters, recommendations and any adjustments to your role which are recommended.

Should you wish to receive a copy of the Occupational Health report before or at the same time as your employer, please let the Occupational Health Professional know and this will be made available on HealthHub.

Please note – if you miss your appointment we will need to inform your employer and they will be charged for the missed appointment.

Compliance Statement

Health Management processes your personal data in line with relevant data protection and clinical governance requirements and good practice, including:

  • GMC Confidentiality and Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) guidelines
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Please be aware another clinician may audit your case for quality purposes to ensure all our clinicians work to best practice standard. When this is undertaken no personal data is shared. Health Management are the Controller under GDPR. The legal basis for processing your:

  • personal data is for the legitimate interests pursued by the Controller or by a third party – GDPR, Article 6(1)(f). Consent is not relied on for GDPR compliance;
  • special category (i.e. health) data is for the purposes of preventive or occupational medicine – GDPR, Article 9(2)(h)

For more information about how your personal data is processed and your rights please see our Privacy Policy or ask our team.