Health and Work in Developing Countries

Around eighty percent of the world’s population live in ‘developing’ countries, where workplaces and environmental conditions are often more hazardous to health than those of industrialized countries. While global access to healthcare continues to improve, there is also greater scrutiny of the workplace health practices of multinationals operating around the world. Dr Mark Simpson and Liam Sloan are joined by Occupational Health Physicians Dr Anyanate Ephraim and Dr Omer El Nagieb, who share their personal experiences of delivering occupational health in Nigeria and the Sudan, in the final episode of this series, exploring:

  • Developments and disparities in global access to workplace health
  • Challenges for occupational health in turbulent political climates
  • Training and retaining occupational health practitioners in countries with limited infrastructure
  • How the emergence of new industries creates occupational health challenges
  • How occupational health learnings from developing countries can inform public health in the UK

Hosted by Liam Sloan and Dr Mark Simpson. With Dr Omer El Nagieb and Dr Anyanate Ephraim.