When to contact the occupational health advice line

Our occupational health (OH) advice phone line number is: 01273-555666

The OH advice line provides HR and managers with daily access to a specialist OH clinician, between 9am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

You may wish to call the advice line to obtain guidance on the following issues, among other things such as:

Equality legislation

Many health conditions and disabilities are covered by the Equality Act 2010, which is designed to protect people in the workplace and in wider society. We can tell you whether your employee’s health condition is likely to be considered a disability under the act.

How you can support employees

Tell us about a particular health condition or disability, and we can advise on the kind of support you could offer to help an employee remain healthy, in work and productive.

Understanding infection risk

If your employee has an infectious disease, we can advise on how this is likely to impact other colleagues.

Guidance on process

If you are really concerned about an employee and unsure how to proceed, we can explain the relevant OH processes and the options available to you – and to your member of staff.

Medication queries

Perhaps you have a medication query about an employee who works in a safety-critical or client-facing role. We can answer your questions.

Should you make an OH referral?

If you are not sure whether you should refer your employee for an OH assessment, we can help you understand the process, your options and the likely outcome of a referral – should you choose to proceed.

The circumstances listed above are just a selection of the most-common reasons that clients get in touch with us.

Our clinicians will be happy to tailor their advice to your specific circumstances – guiding you through the OH process and toward the best-possible outcome for your employee and for your organisation.

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