Arranging a new starter health assessment

Registering a new starter for a pre-employment health check helps you identify any health issues that may impact their ability to perform their new role.

Our new starter health assessments aim to support your new team member to fulfil their potential from the first day. The questionnaires are straightforward and have been clinically validated by our Chief Medical Officer. The questionnaire responses provided by your new starter allow us to advise on:

  • Whether the job requirements may put the employee or others at risk
  • Any reasonable adjustments that can be implemented
  • Whether the employee meets the medical safety standards appropriate for their role.

You can register a new starter via HealthHub. The form is sent automatically to the employee and you are notified when it has been completed and of any clinical recommendations. For employees protected under the Equality Act 2010, addendum questionnaires are also generated to ensure complete understanding on the health and safety impacts on the individual. Example addendums include:

  • Working in safety critical environments, confined spaces, or at heights
  • Vocational driving
  • Night workers
  • Lone workers. 

Fitness Certificates are published promptly and if any further review is required by our clinical team.. 

Watch the HealthHub demo here on how to use the platform to register your new starter