Making a referral – top tips

To get the most out of referring an employee the occupational health team for an assessment, follow the nine top tips below:

  • 3 E’s – early, early, early
  • 3 P’s – preparation, preparation, preparation
  • 3 T’s – transparency, transparency, transparency
  • Consider a ‘pre-call’ before the referral submission if the issue is complex 
  • Make sure you have a full discussion and agreement from your employee before making the referral (reason, expectation, outcome)
  • Complete the referral as accurately as possible (DOB, role, seniority errors can cause offence)
  • Include as much background information as possible, include disciplinary, grievance, performance issues
  • Remember that the referral form can be disclosed to the employee so do not include information that hasn’t been shared already
  • If there are specific limitations to adjustments, such as working from home, make sure to include them