Rigorous and robust clinical governance excellence

Clinical Governance is a framework through which organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safe-guarding high standards of care.

We pride ourselves on the high standards of clinical governance that we operate. We were one of the first OH providers to appoint a Responsible Officer (RO) as a Designated Body and are committed to maintaining our approach.

Our RO oversees our clinical governance procedures and structures to ensure they are aligned with best practice. We encourage feedback from our clients and their employees and use this information to continuously improve our clinical practice and inform our governance procedures.

All of our doctors and nurses undertake an annual appraisal and participate in Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Our doctors’ and nurses’ work is audited to ensure it is of a high standard. We run a number of internal training activities and programmes to support our employees and provide them with learning opportunities. We also support employees for external CPD courses and programmes.

Our RO makes revalidation recommendations to the General Medical Council (GMC) and provides regular returns to the NHS revalidation team on our doctor appraisal rates. He sits on the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) council and is a member of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC) revalidation and professional development committee.

Our clinical governance processes have been externally validated by the FOM and also through the NHS quality review systems. We believe that our processes and procedures ensure we are “making sure the right person does the right thing at the right time”, which is the core and fundamental intention of clinical governance.