Introduction to mental health in customer service roles

Equip staff to help customers experiencing poor mental health 

One-in-four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and one-in-six experience a common mental health problem such as anxiety and depression in any given week. So it’s important to equip your staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide high-quality customer service to those affected. 

This half-day session provides a broad introduction to the topics of mental health, mental wellbeing and stress – and how to adapt your customer service for customers displaying signs of poor mental health. 

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What will your customer service team learn?

  • A broad introduction to the topics of mental health, mental wellbeing and stress 
  • How to adapt for customers displaying signs of poor mental health 
  • How to spot these signs in interactions with customers 
  • An overview of support services for mental health 

“I learnt about different types of mental health conditions and am now better able to identify and support customers and colleagues with a mental health condition. The group exercises were invaluable.” - Amanda, delegate

Key topics 

  • Signs and symptoms of a range of mental health conditions 
  • Main effects of stress on individuals 
  • Signs that a customer is experiencing mental health issues or acute stress, in person and on the telephone 
  • Why customers with mental health conditions might find services challenging 
  • How to adapt your approach to customers displaying symptoms of poor mental health 
  • Support services available to advisors and customers 

Duration, delivery and cost 

This course is delivered face-to-face. 

  • Group size: 8 to 12 participants 
  • Duration: Half day 
  • Face-to-face cost: £1,149 + VAT 

Our mental health training programmes are delivered by our sister organisation, Remploy, which specialises in helping both employers and employees to develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to effectively support colleagues and individuals with a disability or health condition. 

All of the training is delivered by a team of experienced consultants, who have extensive knowledge and a practical understanding of workplace issues. 

The course has been developed by qualified training designers, in line with the Training Accreditation Programme methodology.