Mental health in customer service roles

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Group Bookings

Group bookings of up to 12 participants

Being able to offer a high-quality service to all customers is key to building and maintaining a company’s reputation.

This online course will teach employees in client-facing roles how to tailor their approach to deliver a high-quality service to vulnerable customers, or those experiencing mental ill-health.

Key topics include:

  • Exploring the main signs of mental health conditions
  • Considering why an individual might find your service challenging
  • How to communicate in a sensitive, positive way

We will also look at how your employees can support their own mental health and wellbeing following a stressful customer interaction.

Our mental health training programmes are delivered by Remploy. They specialise in helping both employers and employees to develop their knowledge, confidence and capacity to support colleagues, and to manage their own wellbeing. ​

We accommodate 8 to 12 participants per online live workshop. The length of the course is 4 hours, delivered over two 2 hour sessions.

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