Revitalised employee wellbeing programme

Your holistic solution to workplace wellbeing

Revitalised wellbeing programme

As experts in workplace health, we know it takes more than one intervention to generate meaningful and sustained improvements in employee health and wellbeing. Our unique approach provides expertise, training, engagement and communication to truly embed a culture of ‘wellbeing first’ in your organisation. We then complement this activity with our digital wellbeing app.

Workplace wellbeing is most successful when it is led by people who are known, trusted and respected. That’s why we work with you to find and upskill Wellbeing Champions within your organisation to lead and drive local participation.

Our approach

Our digital wellbeing app + wellbeing champions + clincial and behavioural expertise equals a healthy engaged workforce

Why invest in an employee wellbeing programme

Did you know:

  • Poor mental health among employees’ costs UK employers £42bn − £45bn each year
  • Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day
  • 67% of men and 60% of women in the UK are overweight or obese
  • 36% of working adults in Great Britain work exclusively from home

Presenteeism, absence and staff turnover are a big concern for employers. A recent study by Deloitte suggests businesses are picking up the costs.

Return on investment "For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they’ll get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover." Deloitte, 2020

There are many benefits to investing in the health of your workforce. By providing your employees with access to our self-serve wellbeing programme, you’ll see improvements to your bottom line and benefit from low cost, high impact, employee engagement.

How you’ll benefit from the Revitalised programme

LOW COST: The average cost for our clients is 33p per employee per month*
HIGH IMPACT: A simple and visible way to demonstrate commitment to your employee’s wellbeing.
EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Your employees will drive success just by taking part.
IMPROVED BRAND PERCEPTION: Demonstrate commitment to employee wellbeing and improve retention.
DATA INSIGHTS: Access data about your employee’s wellbeing and use it to inform future strategies.
TAILORED TO YOU: Create your own content, challenges and events, and give it your own identity.

*Based on an organisation with over 2000 employees

the digital app and wellbeing champions are at the heart of this programme

How does it work?

The Revitalised Wellbeing Programme delivers a strategic, innovative and holistic approach to your employees’ wellbeing, underpinned by our digital wellbeing app. Developed by clinical, occupational, psychological and public health experts, our model integrates mental, physical and social wellbeing, which are displayed using three pillars:



View our clinical validation

Employee engagement

A fully trained Wellbeing Champion, recruited from within your organisation, will promote and drive employee engagement.

Your employees can access content, participate in challenges and events to stimulate behaviour change and create new healthier habits.

Wellbeing Champions

Creating and supporting a network of Wellbeing Champions is key to establishing a sustainable wellbeing movement in your organisation.

Wellbeing Champions are a network of your employees who promote wellbeing activities, initiatives, and challenges to your workforce. This peer-to-peer approach will ensure wellbeing becomes part of your corporate DNA and improves participation, attraction, and retention.

The role of a Wellbeing Champion is to be the ‘eyes, ears and voice’ of your corporate wellbeing strategy. They will be passionate about health and wellbeing and volunteer to do the role.
We’ll train, support and equip your champions to be experts in all things wellbeing by providing a robust induction programme alongside a planned schedule of activity.

Why have Wellbeing Champions?

  • Drive peer-to-peer interaction, activity and employee engagement with the Revitalised Programme.
  • To run events, challenges, and awareness sessions for colleagues.
  • Provides information, signposting and support for colleagues.
  • Promotes the health services and benefits your organisation provides.


Features of the app

Complete this wellbeing assessment

Health Assessment.
We’ve designed a wellbeing assessment for employees to complete when they sign up. This clinically validated tool provides the user an overall wellbeing score and individual scores for each of our wellbeing pillars - Mind, Body, Connection.


View wellbeing content on your app


Add your own content.
In addition to the content we provide, there is also an area on the app for you to add your company news. Update your employees with your own messages, benefits and incentive schemes using our content management system.


View the Revitalised wellbeing app on a laptopCommunity support.

Our community groups and feed let your employees interact with each other, either around a particular health topic or just have a general conversation.

Interactive challenges.
We’ve created a safe place for employees to compete or collaborate with each other, set challenges to push each other further or achieve a common goal as individuals or as a group.

Revitalised wellbeing app recording physical activity

Personal journals.

Employees can track their own journey and record their challenges and quick wins. We’ve included standard parameters such as weight, activity, food intake and mood to help people measure their success.

Personalised health improvement plans.
Using employee’s lifestyle information from the assessment questionnaire, the platform’s algorithms develop a tailored plan to signpost individuals to content that supports the areas of health and wellbeing that most need attention.

Revitalised wellbeing all integrates with wearable techIntegrates with wearable tech.

Synchronise activity to our app with wearable devices such as Fitbit and Garmin, Google Fit or Apple Healthkit (if the user has enabled integration with their mobile companion app).

Mobile technology.
Our app can be installed on Apple and Android phones, as well as being accessible on desktop. This convenient access also strengthens behaviours as we are able to send ‘push’ or ‘nudge’ notifications and messages of reward.

Case Study

virgin care logo
Virgin Care provide frontline NHS and social care services across the country and have treated more than 5 million people.

Virgin Care wanted to deliver employee healthcare in an innovative way that supports them through their challenging roles that require physical, mental and emotional resilience. Our app provided health and wellbeing content and tracking tools, where Virgin Care were able to add their own content with specific exercises, recipes and fitness content stream.