Let’s mark the 72nd anniversary of the NHS by looking after the health of its heroes – Independent 

Interviewed by the Independent, Maximus UK’s Divisional President Dr Paul Williams speaks about his experience on COVID-19 wards and the need for a consistent and coordinated approach to high-quality occupational health support, in order to help NHS staff remain healthy.

The pandemic demonstrated the need for comprehensive, consistent and high-quality occupational health support for NHS workers, in every healthcare setting.

As the economy reopens, the pressure on our nurses, doctors and other health workers is likely to continue. Dr Paul calls for a national coordinator for occupational health in the NHS.

“With the scale of the crisis faced by NHS staff, we shouldn’t be reliant on their heroism alone to see us through. We should give them the support they need, to keep caring so brilliantly for us. As the applause dies down, that will be one of the best ways to show our gratitude.”

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